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It's there's command line to run the ipscan25.exe to run as portable instead of having to click the next next accept the licensing etc.   I found switches to do an install silently but i want to do same but run it as portable so it won't install. is there's command line to made that happen?
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03/28/2019 17:08:05

What exactly do you want to do?
03/28/2019 19:30:32
basically if i double click the executable and when it opens just start scanning versus now if i click the executable i have to go thru the wizard until i get the session ask install or Run and i have to select run..  
03/29/2019 17:07:34

Could you describe everything again step by step?
04/01/2019 14:14:53

You can install Advanced IP Scanner in portable mode.
1. Run installer.
2. Run Advanced settings in installer.
3. Choose portable version.
In this mode you can install Advanced IP Scanner in some folder and move this folder from one PC to other and keep using Advanced IP Scanner.
05/20/2019 17:44:46
Do you have a method to extract an .msi file for a silent install?
05/20/2019 17:45:25
Erick Anderson - Do you remember which switches you used for the silent install?
05/22/2019 15:03:13
If anyone is looking still it's installer.exe /SILENT /VERYSILENT. You can use installer.exe /? to see a full list of the switches that can be used.
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