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Radmin VPN

I want ask question

I want ask question can radmin VPN be used for gaming purposes, such as creating a virtual LAN for multiplayer games? Because as far as I know admin VPN is a popular choice for gamers looking to establish a virtual LAN environment for multiplayer gaming over the internet.

Radmin VPN

wefi internet coletiva

tem um programa o wefi ele foi projetado para usar smartfones como retransmissores de wifi para criar uma rede wifi gigante que já consseguiu retransmitir por 20 milhas o radmin vpn simula lan on-line acredito que é possivel faser radmin p2p internet o wefi transforma cada smartfone em alguns megahertz começa com 900mhz e tem capacidade maxima teórica de 101gigahertz acredito que seja possivel somar spectro wifi dentro da rede  
Radmin VPN

I want to install radmin vpn on my server can i do it

I would like to install Radmin vpn on my server so that I can exchange information with a friend at a remote distance and for free. In theory, Radmin will be able to recreate a local network in which we will have a shared storage, but I don’t know if this idea can be brought to life.
Radmin VPN

compartilhar internet pelo radmin vpn

acredito que é possivel transformar a rede radmin vpn em um proy cache através do adaptador farmateck é possivel abilitar stramings p2p misturando o acesso a internet de todos os clientes radmin vpn dentro da mesm

Is Radmin no longer being developed?


the last version of Radmin was released over 6 years ago.  :|
Has the development been (temporarily) stopped or will there be a new version soon?
Is there any roadmap?

Thanks and greetings,
Advanced IP Scanner

Remote scanning

I have a nonprofit with computers all over the country. What I'd like to do is run Advanced IP Scanner remotely once a week on all our computers, and have it send back a report. Is it possible to do that through something like TacticalRMM? How would I set it up?  
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